Master Cuts                                                                                   Highlights

Women's Wash Cut and Style $40                                           Full High or Low Lights $85

Men's Wash Cut and Style $18                                           Partial High or Low Lights $65 

Child's Cut $15                                                                    All Over Color Roots to Ends $65 

Blow-Dry and Style $25                                                        Base Touch Up Roots Only $45

Up-Do $65                                                                            High or Low Lights Per Foil $5

Brazilian Blow-out                                                                       Color Packages

Brazilian Treatment $200                                                  All Over Color and Cut w/Style $100

Brazilian Weekender $55                                                  Root Touch up and Cut w/Style $80

Brazilian Deep Conditioner $25                          All Over Color, Partial Foil & Cut w/Style $160

Hair Extensions                                                        Professional Make-up Applications

$ quoted upon consult                                                                          Foundation Base $45

                                                                                                               Air-Brush Base $55

                                                                                                                  Touch up $25

                                                                                                               Wax Per Area $12